Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for Eye Floaters Solution?

If an eye doctor (it is better to visit at lest two eye doctors because some of them are business-oriented people) has assured you that your eye floaters are benign then you can find the answer to your possible question: Can I find a solution to my eye floaters?

The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. The answer is “No” if you hope to find a solution that will reduce them in number. Benign eye floaters are part of the transparent vitreous body of the eye, which is composed mainly of water and collagen. Eye floaters are composed of clumps of collagen fibers or long-stranded molecules which may have been there since you were born. Harmless eye floaters seem like little imperfections in the vitreous humor, but nothing in our bodies is “perfect”. Nothing can be done to eliminate them. 

However, the harmless eye floaters are located between the retina and the transparent ball of jelly (vitreous body). There is a very thin layer of watery fluid (between the retina and the vitreous humor) which lubricates the vitreous body so that it won’t stick to the retina. This lubricant also protects the retina from the vitreous body. The harmless eye floaters are microscopic in size, as we have explained throughout the blog, but they appear to be large because they are very close to the retina.
Although the harmless floaters can be seen as different shapes, their basic structure is the circle. The circles form strings of circles (strands) which in turn form granular clusters of circles. When viewing them in the light coming from window shutters or when squinting, some circles become concentric circles, which are diffraction patterns.

Let us suppose that you have found a medical solution and you are applying it on a daily basis. Yet, every day that passes you look at the eye floaters, whether they have decreased in number or not.

Do you know what are you doing? You are training your brain to watch them every day. You are reinforcing them in your field of vision. You are developing inner vision. Now let us get to the good news. The secret to the “Yes” is this: 

The only solution to eye floaters is LETTING GO!

What we call vision, the information received from our eyes, is processed in our brains. The most amazing fact about the eyes (retina) is that they are physical extensions of the brain. Half of our brain is specialized for performing computation needed for visual perception. The brain will not perceive the eye floaters if you let go. Just forget them. Chances are that they have been there a long time but you have not noticed them. The more you hate the eye floaters, the more visible they become. Love them for what they are because there is no other approach except to allow your brain to ignore the eye floaters.

But it is inevitable that the path to the secret solution must first pass through hating them and trying to find many other solutions. This is because the Ego-consciousness (lower self) identifies and concerns itself with the story of harmless eye floaters.

The Ego-consciousness, which is fear-oriented, tries to find other solutions. It cleverly creates dissatisfaction and obstacles in life in order to save the unconsciousness that is forcibly being brought into conscious awareness. But the Higher-Quantum-Consciousness, which is infinitely more intelligent than Ego, disintegrates Ego-consciousness through the harmless eye floaters. Ego-generated fear transforms into unconditional love through the principle of LETTING GO. The moment you become aware of the Ego’s trick, it begins to lose its power.


David said...

Thank you for your post. I just noticed eye floaters a week ago that are benign. I've been having a tough time adjusting. But I believe your solution is wonderful and I will be applying it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your articles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article. I have experienced floaters in my eyes for the last 14 years. It took me at least 3 years to adjust after I saw them for the first time. I fully agree the best and ONLY solution is Letting THEM GO! I myself successfully did it for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, 4 months ago, SOMETHING trigger them in my mind again. .Glad to see there is a connection with your consciousness, certainly I feel it is my EGO the one resisting my current condition. HOPE I FIND MY WAY AGAIN!

Jordan West said...

Hey there, had these little worm dudes for 10yrs now. developed them when i was 13 & it took a few years to kinda get used to them (never fully ^^) but yeah, randomly started reading about them again & bam, I've got more than ever! I always thought whether there was ever a psychological reason for them...

Admin said...

Yeahh, the same story. I have heard this story from all of those who have the harmless type of floaters.
Just forget them.

Anonymous said...

This is a sick blog!!! I've always been interested in these things and I think it's great that you guys connected them to all these interesting philosophy and physics concepts. thank you!